A gender-sensitive approach aiming at a possible elimination of the excessive registered female unemployment in Greece

May 03, 2017




On 18-3-2016 the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), an agency supervised by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Social Solidarity, published the official data on registered unemployment concerning the month of February 2016 in Greece. Once more, the results on gender-segragated data are a nightmare for the female population of the country (attached document in pdf format in Greek ):

a) 894.566  persons in February were registered searching for a job (compared with 876.752 persons in January 2016):

 – 448.642 of them had been registered for a period of twelve months and more (perecentage 50,15%);

 – 355.014 of them were men (percentage 39,69%) and 539.552 of them were women (percentage 60,31%)

 b) 186.498 persons were registered without searching for a job:

 –  71.900 of them were men (percentage 38,55%) and 114.598 of them were women (percentage 61,45%)

 c) 162.600 persons received a subsidy:

 – 76.263 of them were men (percentage 46,90%) and 86.337 of them were women (percentage 53,10%).

 In order to promote female participation in the labour market, a gender-sensitive approach has been adopted by the competent organization OAED. Women constitute the majority of the participants/benificiaries of its three main programs running since 2015:

1) Program of Community Service/Service of Public Benefit in Ministries, Regions and Municipalities: the 75% of its participants are women;

2) Training and Stage Voucher for 8.800 graduates from institutions of tertiary education: the 69% of its participants are women;

3) Program for safeguarding 25.000 workplaces with payment in the private sector and self-employment: the 51% of the places in the private sector have been reserved for women, while the 44% of the self-employed beneficiaries have been women.

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