The European promotion of the policies and actions by the Greek General Secretariat for Gender Equality at the EuroGender during the period May-July 2017

Jul 31, 2017




2-5-2017: policies and actions in favour of rural women and girls in Greece

24-5-2017: data on the situation of women in Greece

2-6-2017: conference on the EIGE work lointly organized by the GSGE and the EIGE (Athens, 8/6/2017)

13-6-2017: comprehensive report on the successful completion of the EIGE working visit in Greece with the GSGE support (Athens, 8-9/6/2017)

19-6-2017: awareness-raising campaign by the GSGE on women in transport

19-6-2017: the EIGE interview at the tv channel operated by the Hellenic Parliament (Athens, 9/6/2017)

29-6-2017: policies and actions by the GSGE in the field of culture

13-7-2017: a brief presentation in English of the National Action Plan on Gender Equality 2016-2020

13-7-2017: awareness-raising campaign by the GSGE on world trends for female employment in 2017

25-7-2017: gender-disaggregated data on the status of the female population in Greece

26-7-2017: the gender aspect of the High Level Political Forum 2017 (Agenda 2030)

26-7-2017: gender-disaggregated data on the status of girls and education in Greece .



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