The gender aspect of the Greek Government after the reshuffle on 28-8-2018

Aug 29, 2018




A Government reshuffle took place on 28-8-2018 (relevant link from the page of the website of the Prime Minister in Greek: ).


Here is a short presentation of its gender aspect:


a) the new Cabinet is composed of 52 members (Prime Minister, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Vice Ministers)

b) there are 13 women in the Cabinet with the following portfolios (percentage: 75% men and 25% women)

five Ministers: Citizen Protection – Labour, Social Protection & Social Solidarity – Administrative Reconstruction – Culture & Sports – Tourism

one Deputy Minister: Labour, Social Protection & Social Solidarity in charge of Social Solidarity

seven Vice Ministers: Interior – Interior in charge of Macedonia & Thrace (two Regions in the north of Greece) – Citizen Protection – National Defence – Education, Research & Religious Affairs – Finance – Rural Development & Food

c) in the previous composition of the Greek Government the percentage was the following: 83% men and 17% women (48 members in total out of which 8 women).




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