The Greek General Secretariat for Gender Equality advanced the European Equal Pay Day 2017 and the high ranking of Greece on gender equality by the World Economic Forum compared with other five EU MS

Nov 08, 2017




The General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE), i.e. the governmental organization in charge of equality between women and men in Greece, has widely promoted the European Equal Pay Day 2017 on a national and international level.


First of all, the useful information material issued by the European Commission was uploaded on our website and our page in the social media on 1-11-2017:


a) our website (you will easily recognize the link to the EC material):


Greek page:το-μισθολογικό-χάσμα-μεταξύ-γυναικών-2/


English page:το-μισθολογικό-χάσμα-μεταξύ-γυναικών/


b) our page on the facebook:Γενική-Γραμματεία-Ισότητας-των-Φύλων-388822604594196/ .


In addition, on 1-11-2017 a very comprehensive letter on the European Equal Pay Day 2017 was communicated by us to a number of public organizations and independent bodies in Greece and on abroad. The recipients of our document have been, among others, the Hellenic Parliament, the Greek Ombudsman, the National Commission for Human Rights, the Hellenic Statistical Autority (ELSTAT), all Ministries (the competent Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Social Solidarity included), the Permanent Representations of Greece to the International Organizations, all the key social partners, as well as the EU Institutions represented in Greece (i.e. the European Commission and the European Parliament) and the World Bank.


The specific document has already been uploaded at the GSGE website and our page on the facebook:ευρωπαϊκή-ημέρα-για-την-ίση-αμοιβή-2017-το/ .


Furthermore, after a proposal by the competent GSGE Director for Development & Support of Policies on Gender Equality, the General Secretariat for Gender Equality issued a press release in Greek on 3-11-2017, which gained great publicity among the Mass Media and social media in Greece.


Here are some indicative links:εργασία/ελληνική-πρωτιά-στο-μισθολογικό-χάσμ/ελλαδα/κοινωνια/119458-Ευρωπαϊκή-Ημέρα-για-την-Ίση-Αμοιβή-μεταξύ-ανδρών-και-γυναικών.html .


In that way, further promotion and greater visibility of our joint pivotal role on gender mainstreaming, women’s economic empowerment and equality between women and men have been achieved by our initiative among competent Greek stakeholders.


Besides the successful information and awareness-raising campaign on European Equal Pay Day 2017 initiated by the competent GSGE Directorate for Development & Support of Policies on Gender Equality, here are some comments/remarks associated with the EIGE’s Gender Equality Index 2017.


The EIGE’s press release on the launch of the index caused great confusion to the Greek mass media and it presented a misleading impression of the situation in Greece. No Greek journalist read the full text of the report; on the contrary, it is widely known that journalists prefer ready-to-eat food for publication and they sticked to the Greek version of the EIGE’s press release with emphasis on the 28th place of Greece in the ranking by the EIGE: “…while Greece moved to the bottom with 50 points”. In addition, there has been no reference in the specific press release that the data refers back to 2015: .


The World Economic Forum (WEF) publicized the Global Gender Gap Report 2017 on 1-11-2017 which benchmarks 144 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. In addition, this year’s edition also analyses the dynamics of gender gaps across industry talent pools and occupations: .


The WEF’s ranking is in total contradiction with the one initiated by the EIGE; Greece is placed on the 78th place out of 144 countries and it is above from other five EU Member States: Italy (82), Czech Republic (88), Cyprus (92), Malta (93) and Hungary (103).


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