The 22nd e-bulletin by the Observatory on Gender Equality on women’s entrepreneurship in Greece and in Europe (Athens, September 2019)

Sep 24, 2019




Here is the link from the website of the General Secretariat for Family Policy & Gender Equality, that is the governmental organization in charge of gender equality in Greece, on the 22nd e-bulletin by the Observatory on Gender Equality. Its theme is on women’s entrepreneurship in Greece and in Europe (Athens, September 2019): .

According to the findings from the data, women’s entrepreneurship can be seen as a perspective and a viable solution for women in Greece today. Since women’s necessity driven entrepreneurship is higher than in the rest of Europe, due to the high unemployment and low labor force participation rates, a dependent employment relationship is prevented. Women’s early stage entrepreneurship is consistently lower than that of men, while the motive of necessity increases the likelihood of business closures for women operating in Greece due to low profitability. The growth prospects for these businesses are low, with only 1 in 10 women declaring that they will create more than 6 vacancies in the next 5 years.

On the other hand, the innovation of women’s early stage entrepreneurship is recorded in the European average, with its extroversion occupying the first place above the rest European countries. The sectors of activity chosen by the majority of women entrepreneurs in Greece (tourism, wholesale and retail trade and services) also contribute to the high rates of extroversion. Lastly, the increased participation of women in the management, as well as in the Social and Solidarity Economy (S.S.E.) business labor force, is encouraging.

It is underlined that the project of our Observatory has been recognized by the European Commission as a good practice at the Annual Report on Equality between Women and Men in the European Union 2015 (page 40): .

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